Water Filtration

You have made a substantial investment in your equipment; make your equipment last with a water filtration system from Espresso Me. As a 3M distributor we have a filtration system for any; Brewer, Espresso, or Ice Machine.

Paying attention to what is in your water will help your equipment last longer, and also help improve the taste of your beverage. Coffee is 99% water, which means that the coffee should flavor the water not the other way around.

Espresso Me also provides industry leading service to help ensure your water filtration is functioning at peak performance.

  • One-stop shop – We provides sales and services for your hard water, and water filtration needs.
  • High Quality – As a 3M™ we only sell the highest quality filters and filtration systems to our customer.
  • Adaptable – Not only a leading service provider, we have the experience to make sure that you always have the correct filtration for each application.
  • Innovative – Espresso Me is always on the cutting edge of the latest trends, technologies, and tools to reduce downtime and save you money.
  • Ecomomical – We have replacement filters for: 3M™, Cuno™, Cirqua™, and Everpure™. Our technicians vans are also fully loaded with these replacement filters to make sure we can reduce your downtime, and call backs.